Aqua Fantasy Resort

Address : Ephesus Beach ( Pamucak )Selcuk Izmir. Location: The hotel's approximate location is Kusadasi 4 km. The hotel has a private beach and is located by the sea. The distance to Adnan Menderes airport is 70 km. Room: 30 rooms, 70 beds, Room details: All rooms are equipped with direct dial telephone, shower, music, television, air conditioning, Minibar, hair-dryer, balcony. Facilities: This hotel also has safety box at reception, outdoor parking, market, newsstand with photo shop, lockers, WC., showers, life jackets, first aid, group pavilion, tubes station. The outdoor swimming pool, children's swimming pool are at your service for your swimming leisure. As an addition, This club has an aqua park features over 30 rides, entertaining shows, children play areas and delicious food. Dining&Wining: There are 1 restaurants with outdoor. The patisserie, cafeteria, fast food, tropical drinks, grill bar, ice cream, tropical snow, sea food bar, sandwiches snacks, kadirga bar, amphora bar, snack-bar are also at your service.

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