Federation members 2010

Federation members, artists, lecturers, spectators, farmers who would exhibit their goods, producers, widely traveled priests started to come Panionion before months for the art demonstrations and religious ceremonies that would continue many days. In the period of preparing these shows and throughout the show Anias, Melias, Ephesus, slaves set free, Prienes in Panionion later had settled down to these lands and had formed the first nations of Davutlar and Guzelcamli. At their free times, what is left over from fair, they had become exerts in raising olive, grape, fig and other fruits and vegetables in these fertile lands. The first international exposition of the world had been assembled in Kusadasi. Ephesus people had wanted these ceremonies to be made in a place near by Ephesus because they insisted on the subject that the meeting in Panionion could not be done in security for the political disorder which Anatolia was in at 5th century before Christ.9 Governments had adapted to this invitation, 3 had declared that they couldn’t join. According to Diotoros; thus Ion unity had broken down. The first political and social mistakes had started at Ion history too. Also at the term which Pers were dominant in Anatolia, Ion union activities had been stopped, Panionion festivals had started again with the Great Alexander’s driving back Pers from Anatolia (before Christ 334). But the festival which Ions arranged for the honor of Alexander at Erythrai city near by Cesme had reduced the majesty of Panionion and the old bright days hadn’t been a way of living once more after Alexander. Kusadasi means "Bird Island" and the town takes its name from the little island (whose name in Turkish means "Pigeon" or "Dove Island") that is in the harbor and is now connected by a causeway to the shore. Accommodations are what Kusadasi really stars in and there are numerous hotels, motels, and holiday villages located in and around the town that cater to every taste and pocket. Thanks to the marina and good harbor, Kusadasi is a favorite calling place for yachts and tour vessels with the result that there are many good shopping opportunities to be found.

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