Turks had entered

With the vicinities’ passing to Ottoman, Turks had entered to societies in these places. At the end of 1st World War, Ottoman Government had overcome, so Kusadasi had given to Italians, and because of this, Italians had added to Turks, Greeks, Jews, Armenians. All these minorities had left our country on 7th September in 1923 with the winning of independence war, and later connecting to remaining nation, the mixture bringing by the exchange way, a new society had formed, and with the treasure lands from Guzelcamli to Selcuk, the estates of Greeks which went had given to these immigrants in return to their properties there Afterwards some of the Turks came to Anatolia had gone back to places they came again, but this migration had repeated of the 2. World War. This migration had taken place since 1941 to 1955 and thus today’s people of Kusadasi had started to form rapidly. Kusadasi living parallel to Ephesus in history and the settlement units around it and the places that have historical and touristical value are those; People of Ephesus believed that they could reach better trade, superior art, more wonderful land processing by knowledge trade they would make with their neighbor. They persuaded the whole “Ion” cities to form a confederation with the contacts that had been made by them.

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