Before Jesus, in the years of 2000, firstly people coming from Lelek, Karia, Lidya had settled down as a society to the slopes of Pilav Mountain. Then one by one with the unit settlements Pigale, Maratheson, Neopolis, Panionion; Ions and later Romans by Ephesus’ coming into the dominance of Rome, had lived in these lands. Today’s Kusadasi is founded in 16th century by Venetians being a colony. The castle in small island was built for the purpose of observation in Byzantium term. In the Middle Ages, Kusadasi, being a part, was used by Venetians and Genoeses which had taken the name of Scala Nuova.The city was surrounded by castle walls for being protected from the violence of pirates. It’s known that there’s an Ionian Region of Kusadasi. This had taken an important harbor mission on Asia-Europe trade road throughout long years. In the period of Scalar Nova time, the Armenians dominant to trade, Greeks, Jews had joined to former nations. Turks with the Malazgirt War in 1071 had started to spread on Anatolia and during the process of Turkish principalities’ formation, in 1304 Sir Sasa had been the authority of Kusadasi and around. Sir Mehmet had connected this vicinity to Aydinogullari with Sasa’s dying. Kusadasi is a harbor town and Turks had bleared this in mind. Although they were from Middle Asia source and far away from maritime business, they had learnt maritime as well as the Ephesus’ in a short time. They had lived comfortably with the spoils they caught at sea wars. Kilic Arslan had added this place to Selcuklu Government and Scalar Nova again had become the exportation gate of Anatolia in 1186. Yildirim Beyazit had joined Ayasulug to his principalities and in this way the city had been Ottoman’s in the year of 1390. Timur had decided to take the whole Anatolia under his sovereign but when he could not take Ayasulug, he had fired the castle in which Ottoman soldiers resisted himself. And St. Jean Church had damaged from this event very badly. By I. Celebi Mehmet Kusadasi had gathered to Ottoman’s and it had become a district.

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