Aqua Fantasy Resort

Address : Ephesus Beach ( Pamucak )Selcuk Izmir. Location: The hotel's approximate location is Kusadasi 4 km. The hotel has a private beach and is located by the sea. The distance to Adnan Menderes airport is 70 km. Room: 30 rooms, 70 beds, Room details: All rooms are equipped with direct dial telephone, shower, music, television, air conditioning, Minibar, hair-dryer, balcony. Facilities: This hotel also has safety box at reception, outdoor parking, market, newsstand with photo shop, lockers, WC., showers, life jackets, first aid, group pavilion, tubes station. The outdoor swimming pool, children's swimming pool are at your service for your swimming leisure. As an addition, This club has an aqua park features over 30 rides, entertaining shows, children play areas and delicious food. Dining&Wining: There are 1 restaurants with outdoor. The patisserie, cafeteria, fast food, tropical drinks, grill bar, ice cream, tropical snow, sea food bar, sandwiches snacks, kadirga bar, amphora bar, snack-bar are also at your service.

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Federation members 2010

Federation members, artists, lecturers, spectators, farmers who would exhibit their goods, producers, widely traveled priests started to come Panionion before months for the art demonstrations and religious ceremonies that would continue many days. In the period of preparing these shows and throughout the show Anias, Melias, Ephesus, slaves set free, Prienes in Panionion later had settled down to these lands and had formed the first nations of Davutlar and Guzelcamli. At their free times, what is left over from fair, they had become exerts in raising olive, grape, fig and other fruits and vegetables in these fertile lands. The first international exposition of the world had been assembled in Kusadasi. Ephesus people had wanted these ceremonies to be made in a place near by Ephesus because they insisted on the subject that the meeting in Panionion could not be done in security for the political disorder which Anatolia was in at 5th century before Christ.9 Governments had adapted to this invitation, 3 had declared that they couldn’t join. According to Diotoros; thus Ion unity had broken down. The first political and social mistakes had started at Ion history too. Also at the term which Pers were dominant in Anatolia, Ion union activities had been stopped, Panionion festivals had started again with the Great Alexander’s driving back Pers from Anatolia (before Christ 334). But the festival which Ions arranged for the honor of Alexander at Erythrai city near by Cesme had reduced the majesty of Panionion and the old bright days hadn’t been a way of living once more after Alexander. Kusadasi means "Bird Island" and the town takes its name from the little island (whose name in Turkish means "Pigeon" or "Dove Island") that is in the harbor and is now connected by a causeway to the shore. Accommodations are what Kusadasi really stars in and there are numerous hotels, motels, and holiday villages located in and around the town that cater to every taste and pocket. Thanks to the marina and good harbor, Kusadasi is a favorite calling place for yachts and tour vessels with the result that there are many good shopping opportunities to be found.

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Mykale (Samson) Mountain

Combining Ephesus, Samos, Khos, Millets, Kolosan, Miyus, Priene, Lebedos, Klazomenai, Eryli and later Smryna (12 Ion city) a confederation was established. This in one since, was the first united nations community of the world. The members of this unit which was formed of this cities, would carry of the findings and knowledge that they got from science, art, trade, agriculture, maritime trade and they would have made their religious ceremonies in which they would offer vows to their holly God Poseidon. There was a place on the north of Mykale (Samson) Mountain. This land belonged to Ephesus’, Samos’, at the end of the shore tape, there was a land belonging to Priene’, above this land, they found a place appropriate for this unit. This was told in an inscription found in the church of Guzelcamli. Here, in general, after the harvest time, federation members made meetings. They gave conferences about the problems of their city’s development, agriculture, trade, art, navigation and they did knowledge trade at these assemblies. Panionion was at the same time a prediction center in which religious ceremonies were arranged to the name of God Poseidon. Panionion, was in Priene’s lands and under its management. In the year 1913, German researcher Thwegand, had studied in this region, he had found the prop walls which were in a circle style and on the St. Ilias hill, its name is now Automatic Hill. He had proved that there had been an ancient settlement there. On the west side of the wall, there was a construction formed from 8 steps had been attracted attention of the researchers. In the investigation that Wiegand made, such a settlement unit had been found in Panionion which was a meeting place. Considering another researcher J. Keil, the other settlement unit had been found in Guzelcamli’s 300 meter south-east. This place was opened to sea on the south-east and on the top point of the valley, also this unit was protected itself being lively till the Christian term. Again according to other researchers, Panionion was in the lands of Melia ancient city. And Mykale was living with itself closely because of the mountains, Yolvermez rocky place. Ceramics pieces belonging to Melia ancient city are caught at sides even today. It’s still possible to see the castle wall remnants formed of out of order stones that surround the hill on the west of Guzelcamli. This wall is in the border of Panionion, and belong to Karia construction art. For this reason, it’s real that it can be the remnant of Melia ancient city’s rampart walls.

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Turks had entered

With the vicinities’ passing to Ottoman, Turks had entered to societies in these places. At the end of 1st World War, Ottoman Government had overcome, so Kusadasi had given to Italians, and because of this, Italians had added to Turks, Greeks, Jews, Armenians. All these minorities had left our country on 7th September in 1923 with the winning of independence war, and later connecting to remaining nation, the mixture bringing by the exchange way, a new society had formed, and with the treasure lands from Guzelcamli to Selcuk, the estates of Greeks which went had given to these immigrants in return to their properties there Afterwards some of the Turks came to Anatolia had gone back to places they came again, but this migration had repeated of the 2. World War. This migration had taken place since 1941 to 1955 and thus today’s people of Kusadasi had started to form rapidly. Kusadasi living parallel to Ephesus in history and the settlement units around it and the places that have historical and touristical value are those; People of Ephesus believed that they could reach better trade, superior art, more wonderful land processing by knowledge trade they would make with their neighbor. They persuaded the whole “Ion” cities to form a confederation with the contacts that had been made by them.

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Before Jesus, in the years of 2000, firstly people coming from Lelek, Karia, Lidya had settled down as a society to the slopes of Pilav Mountain. Then one by one with the unit settlements Pigale, Maratheson, Neopolis, Panionion; Ions and later Romans by Ephesus’ coming into the dominance of Rome, had lived in these lands. Today’s Kusadasi is founded in 16th century by Venetians being a colony. The castle in small island was built for the purpose of observation in Byzantium term. In the Middle Ages, Kusadasi, being a part, was used by Venetians and Genoeses which had taken the name of Scala Nuova.The city was surrounded by castle walls for being protected from the violence of pirates. It’s known that there’s an Ionian Region of Kusadasi. This had taken an important harbor mission on Asia-Europe trade road throughout long years. In the period of Scalar Nova time, the Armenians dominant to trade, Greeks, Jews had joined to former nations. Turks with the Malazgirt War in 1071 had started to spread on Anatolia and during the process of Turkish principalities’ formation, in 1304 Sir Sasa had been the authority of Kusadasi and around. Sir Mehmet had connected this vicinity to Aydinogullari with Sasa’s dying. Kusadasi is a harbor town and Turks had bleared this in mind. Although they were from Middle Asia source and far away from maritime business, they had learnt maritime as well as the Ephesus’ in a short time. They had lived comfortably with the spoils they caught at sea wars. Kilic Arslan had added this place to Selcuklu Government and Scalar Nova again had become the exportation gate of Anatolia in 1186. Yildirim Beyazit had joined Ayasulug to his principalities and in this way the city had been Ottoman’s in the year of 1390. Timur had decided to take the whole Anatolia under his sovereign but when he could not take Ayasulug, he had fired the castle in which Ottoman soldiers resisted himself. And St. Jean Church had damaged from this event very badly. By I. Celebi Mehmet Kusadasi had gathered to Ottoman’s and it had become a district.

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